It’s a new year and a good New Years Resolution is to upgrade any software running on your site. Before Christmas WordPress 2.7 was released with a lot of hype due to the major changes to the administration section. Although many have been happy with the upgrade many WordPress users have had problems with the new release.

The general chat and forum posts (e.g. tin68) seemed to pin point the problem not with WordPress but with web host or plugins not compatible with 2.7.

So if your planning an upgrade or have upgraded here are a few tips.

    Before doing anything take a backup of your entire MySql database and all files that WordPress uses.
    If you have done the installation and WordPress 2.7 is running slow switch off all your plug ins and try the back end.
    If it’s still not working install a second version of WordPress 2.7 add some posts into the blog. Try the backend, if it works the problem might be corrupt database on your original blog, try exporting articles from the old blog into the new installation. If the second installation doesn’t work at all then it looks like your host is the problem. Your now going to have to get in contact with your hosting company, but before that open a thread at with a link to a php info file uploaded on your site.
    If your still not having any luck after a post on WordPress you might want to get in contact with your host to ask if they are running the latest version of PHP.

So if you are planning on a upgrade, Good luck, and if you have upgraded and your having problems then you might want to check out the old versions of WordPress.

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