All the news at the moment is about tonights election in American but I’ve seen a much more exciting piece of news, WordPress 2.7 is on it’s way and with it they are making a massive change to the admin section!

The main visable change is the layout of the back end. Navigation now moves the left side bar and the top will become a breadcrumb navigation with a search box. On the writing pages the media uploader moves to the right side, as does the tags and categories. From the screenshot releases in the wireframe PDF it certainly looks good and far more organised.

There are other neat feature, like the ability to search, download and install plugins from the admin. Navigation expands / collapses in two directions, automatic upgrade of the blog, sticky post etc etc.

A release date was set for the 10th of Novemeber but this will be missed. Instead a Beta 1 version has been released and a final version will most likely come later in the month.

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