I’ve heard about Windows Live Writer and with a new Windows computer to hand I thought a test would be needed.

1. Setup

Really simple install of the program (it’s bundled up with MSN messenger download). To add in the blog all you have do is select the type of blog, e.g. WordPress and add in your log in details. It’s loads up settings, category and your theme and your ready to go in 30 seconds.

2. Ease of Use

The idea behind Live Writer is to make blog publishing easier to do this Live Writer is very similar to Word a program many people have managed to master. Lets test uploading pictures.


Very simple, just click insert, picture then brows the picture either on your computer or the web.

3. Speed

The install was quick and also the typing is quicker as you don’t have to wait few the milliseconds between pauses when WordPress autosaves. I’ll have to test out how fast it is to publish in a moment but over all it’s very quick.


A really nice program which I can see being very useful for when you want to blog but have no internet connection. If you have users that are unwilling to try to using WordPress this is a baby step to blogging as it’s very similar to Word.

Edit : The upload was very quick!

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  1. Not to mention the ability to get add ons for it which will help you create rich blog posts, E.g. flicker and picassa search results from within live writer and the live preview option.

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