There has been lots of chatter about a recent shift in ranking by Google with US based sites ranking in, seoptimise and Search Round Table reported in articles and there was plenty of tweets about the movement. It’s caused a few problems with plenty of UK sites moving down the rankings due to the influx of US based sites.

It’s hard to quantify sometimes what has shifted in the rankings has done as you don’t have before and after data of the top 20, 30, 40 rankings.

Fortunately I have a report from January the 18th 2009 for the top 40 sites in on a search for “commercial laundry equipment”.

I’ve then taken the top 40 websites for the same search query today and the difference is concerning with US sites ranking in the place of many good UK sites. There is also sites from Belgium, India, Spain and China ranking in

The list is big so I have added it into a Google Docs Spreadsheet which can be seen by clicking the image.


It would be great to get someone from Google to have a look over this. If anyone has seen something similar with their clients or SERP’s post the details below in a comment. Also link to your own blog with an example of the movement of US sites in the UK rankings.

UPDATE 17/06 : Fresh Egg have an article on a similar problem with the key phrase Pet Surgery. Check out the article which has a great conspiracy theory behind the US sites ranking.

3 thoughts on “US websites ranking in an example – Commercial Laundry Equipment

  1. This is an odd ome really.

    I even get different results to you, yet still the top result is from Mew Zealand! Not relevant at all.

    I wonder if it’s amything to do with hosting?

    Are there amy other keywords you have tested it on, perhaps a more competitve keyword?

  2. I have a lot of data from old reports of search engine results but not had this problem flag up on anything very generic. I know people have mentioned some US companies ranking on loan related key phrases which is petty useless for someone in the Uk. I’m guessing they’ll push another update out to rectify this issue.

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