This is an attempt at a weekly blog to round up some of the best, worst, funniest of the week. Considering I spend 50 hours a week on the net I should cone up with something half decent.


Nice rendition of Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold.

UK explorations site with some great pictures


Imdb in an app should help settle some arguments, questions and pub quiz movie rounds

YouTube have recently had to remove many music videos due to a issue regarding payments with Performing Rights Society. The result is that some videos have now been removed for UK viewers.

For example this video from Adele – Chasing Payment is now removed.


Interestingly this page is still hanging on in a Google Search for a search for “adele – chasing payments


That page returns a 303 response, which is is similar to a 302 (more details here) in that the page as moved elsewhere but the difference its not permanent or a temporary change, it just does say.

This means the page will remain in the search engine rankings which is happening, the page was cached on the 16th.

This is a great move by YouTube as they are holding onto the positions in the search engine rankings and keeping levels of traffic until a deal with the Performing Rights Society is sorted out. Once the deal is sorted out the page will return a normal 200 ok like other YouTube video pages.

I’m not sure if the 303 response is the correct status to give to the search engine? Anyone know?