I noticed at the start of the month that Google had moved about some of the links on the results pages, it hadn’t gone unnoticed as Pete Young at holisticsearch also spotted the changes.

It seems that the My Account button had now come back under the Setting link as “Google Account Setting”


Google were playing around all this weekend, at one point all the search options had gone.

Although a little change it shows that people do pick it up as it’s a button that’s used often. It reminds me of the time all my door knobs at my house were changes to open the other way, took some time to get used to!

Search Engine Rankings move, they move a lot and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it but keep on the track of building content and links which should reduce the movement.

How much can they move? Well in the matter of 12 hours my Blackpool FC blog move from 3 to 9 on the first page for the key phrase “blackpool fc“.

So happy happy, joy joy with a number three ranking, the official club site takes up number 1 and 2 spot so no room for improvement. That was about 11 last night.


This morning at 11, whammy all the way down to 9 on the bottom of the first page. I’m signed out of my Google account which can skew the results.


There’s been a a few screen shots recently of a new looking Google SERP which splits the universal search results from the organic results. So pictures, Video, and ads are placed on the right sidebar where paid ads usually appear.

This screen shot from Search Cow Boys shows the result page for the search “Zen buddhist temple” from Google Korea.


It’s not know yet if this is an experiment which is going to be rolled out across Google, if it’s hoax! If you see any results get them screen shotted up and get in contact via a comment below.