If you’ve checked the BBC news site this morning you’ll notice a new design, the navigation has jumped to the top, new headings and a new side bar. Another little change is the URL structure of the news articles.  Old URL’s used to be locaed on the sub domain and use the folder path the article appears in e.g.

However the new URL’s use the main www. subdomain and no folder path.

As we all know if you change your URL’s you need to implement 301 re-directs from the old URL’s to the new URL’s. And the BBC have it’s just they are all temporary 302 redirects (Click the picture below to see results from httpfox)


Could be a lot of PR lost if the re-directs stay as 302.

Not sure why I picked this article???

Edit: This is not effecting older articles where the URL remains the same, seems to be recent articles.

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Rather than spending time on the odd blog post here and there I’ve added a SEO guide section to the site. I’ll be adding a page in there every so often about a specific subject. To start SEO Friendly URL’s which concentrates on the common problem with SEOFURL’s

Head over to “A Simple guide to SEO Friendly URL’s” to hopefully learn something new and useful.