WordCamp UK 2010 Manchester

So it’s Sunday evening after a great weekend at WordCamp UK 2010 in Manchester. For £20 it’s a bargin and really entertaining two days, providing your interested in WordPress. There were some great examples of successful sites built in WordPress and plenty of help for all.

It looks like a list of presentation will be on the wiki http://wiki.wordcampuk.tonyscott.org.uk/2010_presentation_slides

Image juhasan

Following the release of Google Street View in the UK I’ve been roaming around Manchester the City I live in. At the moment street view hasn’t been released in South Manchester where I live but the city center down to Fallowfield is mapped and here my top drinking venues in the mapped area.

1. Jabez Clegg


2. Sinclairs


3. Trof Fallowfield


4. tv21s


5. The Old Monkey


The Manchester WordPress User Group (MWUG) pretty much does what it says on the tin, it’s a group for WordPress users based in Manchester. As a platform WordPress is pretty much everywhere so it makes sense that a group should be started. There’s already a WordPress UK North group but that does include members from Yorkshire.

manchester wordpress user group

The group has sprouted from the MDDA and (MWUG) have site over at http://mwug.info/ which is currently been worked on. There’s a Google Group too over at http://groups.google.com/group/manchester-wordpress-user-group and they are on twitter too @mwug. So if you like WordPress and your based in Manchester get signed up to the group and down to a meeting!