It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed my Blog Roll list so I’ve made a few additions tonight. – Andrew Girdword of BigMouthMedia – Dave Naylor of Bronco – Search Cowboys – Blog Storm – Neil Walker of Just Search

If you have a great blog let me know in the comments, if you keep me entertained for a few months I’ll add your blog to the others.

The fourth link to be added to my Blog roll is the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. It’s the official blog from the team at Google. It’s the best way to get 100% accurate information about the tools, changes and additions to Google’s search engines.

The blog should be subscribed to by SEO of all levels, novice to advance. Post average out at 6-10 per month but when the posts come they will of high quality and generally very useful. Most posts will be regarding releases of new tools to the Webmaster Tools, changes to the guidelines or to clear up an issue discussed in the online community.

So head over to, either sign up via e-mail or better still subscribe by RSS in your Google Reader.