Loving Spotify still but no new doves album but the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album is on there. A great site has been launched in the past few months by Kieron Donoghue called www.sharemyplaylists.com.

share my playlists spotify

The site works like many other of the Spotify playlists sites, you see a play list you like, click the link and hey preston the playlist is loaded up into Spotify. What makes this site slightly different, apart from the nice layout is the rating, comments and most importantly the quality of the playlists, plenty of decent indie and britpop stuff!

Head over to www.sharemyplaylists.com remember you’ll need to download spotify and have a good taste in music!

3 thoughts on “Share My Playlists for Spotify

  1. Last FM can be a little annoying since a lot of tunes you can only get the first 30secs or so – but this is different when you are using an artist’s or user’s radio station.

    The best thing about last fm is that it tracks what you listen to, so yourself and friends and people can check it out and discover new music based on what you are listening to.

    I find last fm immensly useful when you stick some tunes on when hammered, since you can check how many Roxette tracks you really we listening to the night before.

    Add me when you get on it – I’m wilyam

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