I’ve been lucky enough for my company to pay for me to come to SES London for day three. It’s dinner time and it’s been a enjoyable morning so far.

The morning started off with Jim Sterne who had a great presentation on Social Media Metric. The output was that there are plenty of tools to gather data and record whats happening but pulling out context from them is the hard part. To put it in his words you have to try and find the pony in a load of horse shit.

The conclusion was a calculation to work out the value of a lead from social media media which could be implements and a high level ROI for a social media campaign.

I headed over to the smaller room for the Crossing Borders: Global Site Clinic with Motoko Hunt and Andy Atkins-Krüger. A few sites had a going over but the main message was that you have to approach each international site with the care and effort you do for your own local site.

Andy has his own company with 36 employees all natural speakers, getting a person who’s learned a language still won’t do a correct translation.

One tip from the session was that although the subfolder method with geo targeting in Google Webmaster Tools works, for engines like Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia that method won’t work so you’ll need the local domain.

One interesting example from the session was James from ASOS.com the big online fashion shop, one of the biggest in the UK. They are going to be launching in the US and other countries but haven’t sorted out their domains to use. One of the other problems was the ASOS.com site has 100’s products a day added all needed to be translated, they were looking at computer aided translations….

After that we had Dave Naylor and Erica Schmidt rip some sites apart. Some of the sites on offer were really poor and hadn’t had any optimisation. Dave came up with some great link ‘hooks’ for a Devon site and a Poetry competition site.

There were loads of sites reviewed and most needed SEO, build, design, PPC all looking at. It was also good to see a few members of the audience being invited to be part of a subpanel. One of the lads (a yank) had some really good points on the sites.

Overall a good morning and an enjoyable first search conference for me.

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