I’ve recently started working in Manchester City center so been looking at Google maps for local places to eat at dinner. As ever, the first place to look is Google Maps. After a few clicks on locations strangely See Tickets, a ticket sales company seems to have claimed a lot of local listings that have nothing to do with them, thus having a link to their site.

Each one links to seetickets.com

Looking at the locations is it possible that See Tickets could sell ticket for the Palace Theatre, but not for 5th Ave a nightclub or Retro Bar.

A search for “see tickets” with the map in Manchester brings up some great results:

Piccadilly Gardens (Bus stop and open space)


The old ODEON on Oxford road which shut down about five years ago.


The big wheel in the Triangle


and Long Legs a gentlemen’s club.


All of the links go to http://www.seetickets.com/see/index.asp? and it looks like see tickets haven’t stopped there, they’ve done the same for locations in London too!


You can imagine tourists trying to buy a ticket from See Tickets to go to Parliament for the day!

Anyone else getting this for their location? Go to your local area on Google maps and search “see tickets”

3 thoughts on “See Tickets Spamming Google Maps?

  1. Interesting post.

    Some other company is doing it as well..searchingall.co.uk‎…when you type”tickets” into Google Maps
    with M1 as the default location, they come up under “Coldplay Tickets” using a M1 PO BOX number.
    As you can see from their site, they are nothing but a bunch of links to eBay, all with affiliate URLs embedded in them.

    High time Google local was cleaned up. Check this out for spam….


  2. The above Google Map results are appalling.

    Google Maps UK is like the Wild West.

    That in-the-know businesses can fill the entire visible map results with fake or other people’s listings linking to their one central sales operation is staggeringly bad. They use a P.O. Box address, fake business names, variation on phone number, whatever. Despite the fact that they clearly flaunt Google Local guidelines, in the UK nothing is done by Google.

    Equally as bad, anyone can write a damning fake review on your business record, whether you yourself have put your business into Google Maps or whether it was there already, and there is little you can realistically do to get that review removed. You can’t talk to anyone at Google. Emails and messages are ignored. You have no “right of reply” next to the review (as you do, for example, in TripAdvisor). One day, Google will catch up, but in the meantime your rule-breaking competitors laugh all the way to the bank.

    Does Google not realise how bad all this makes THEIR business look?

  3. Hi Micheal

    I agree, you can easily fake the accounts and it’s a really pain trying to get in contact with anyone to sort errors out.

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