Search Engine Rankings move, they move a lot and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it but keep on the track of building content and links which should reduce the movement.

How much can they move? Well in the matter of 12 hours my Blackpool FC blog move from 3 to 9 on the first page for the key phrase “blackpool fc“.

So happy happy, joy joy with a number three ranking, the official club site takes up number 1 and 2 spot so no room for improvement. That was about 11 last night.


This morning at 11, whammy all the way down to 9 on the bottom of the first page. I’m signed out of my Google account which can skew the results.


One thought on “Search Engine Rankings how they move

  1. Hi UK SEO,
    I have noticed this also.My rankings are generally higher when I search for specific keywords in the evening. Perhaps there is some kind of temporal ranking which depends on the amount of searches. How about an experiment to check on the results once an hour over the course of 48 hours to see if their is a periodic pattern?

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