As this blog is about SEO I suppose I should blog about changing jobs. For the past 2 years 10 months I’ve worked at Just Search. The role at Just Search was my first in SEO and I don’t think you could get a better start in the SEO industry. Having a degree in Computer Science and also running the website odd site helped me get into the swing of things. For anyone looking to get into SEO having a Computer Science degree really helps but is not essential, some of the best SEO’s out there have hardly any qualifications.

My job role originally was SEO Account Manager but morphed into Senior SEO Advisor which was basically was doing SEO on the fly during client’s contracts, with some report writing and consultation. It was great fun and most importantly dealing with 100’s and I mean 100’s of sites really helps to build up experience.

The best part of Just Search was the people I’ve met so off the top of my head a BIG THANKS TO Neil, Paul, Gary, Dave, Martin, Caroline, Ahmed, James W, Phil, James S, Adam, Simon R, Adam L, Sadie, Sam, Mark, Rik, Will, Carl, Vip, Daz and loads others…

From Monday I’m going to be working in Manchester City for a company called Amaze.

Best update some profiles over the weekend!

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  1. Good Luck Mate, have a ‘pret a manger’ for me. And if you get a loyalty card bagsy I have one

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