In a series of blog posts I’m going to not only look at how to increase Twitter followers but also try to put the methods into practice in a bid to increase my pitiful 21 Twitter followers.

One method I’ve noticed some accounts using is to increase Twitter followers using Facebook, you can easily link your Facebook account to display your twitter posts as your Facebook status.

1. All you need is a) a Facebook account and b) a twitter account.
2. On Facebook go to the Twitter application page (search for twitter).

twitter on facebook

3. Sign up for the application by entering your Twitter username and password.

4. Click the button at the top of the Twitter application page to enable your tweets to update as your Facebook status.

Pretty simple to set up. You should also add a link to your twitter page on your Facebook info tab.

So will this increase Twitter followers? It really depends on the amount of friends you have on Facebook, I’ve only got 170 and most of them are not necessarily going to have Twitter accounts. We’ll see what effect this increased visibility has on followers over the next week

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