I’ve been looking for a way to import a csv into pages on WordPress. So far all I’ve found is plugins to import csv’s into posts. In the past I’ve ran mySQL inserts created from spreadsheets, which do work but are time consuming to create.

I’ve found one import scrip which with a simple change will upload csv files into pages. You can download the plugin (well it’t not technically a plug in but an import script which goes in /wp-admin/import) from Zack Preble’s blog.

All you need to do is change line 292 from

= "post";


= "page";

That sets the new entry as a page rather than a post. Get your csv ready and upload. This is great for building new sites or transferring sites in to WordPress as you can get the client to prepare all the data in excel first. The other useful tip is for affiliates …… product feeds……

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  1. I have been looking for something like this. I am looking to import a affiliates product feed into oscommerce if you have any ideas can you drop me a email i will be really interested in your input.

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