Whiles searching along tonight I’ve noticed that google profiles are now showing up in the SERP’s with an image, a snippet of where you live, where you work and three links to external sites. Meanwhile and twitter profiles apear with a picture and one last tweet. This is testing on chrome with incognito mode.

For example for Me

John Kell – Twitter


John Mueller – Google Profile


Matt Cutts – Twitter


Pete Cashmore – Google Profile


Anyone see this before? Or seeing it now, Monday night 22:57…

Edit some more example from people I follow on twitter.





Edit : Nadeem also noticed this a little back but with Google profiles on http://www.searchnest.co.uk/blog/google-profiles-getting-more-real-estate-in-search-results-738

4 thoughts on “Google / Twitter Profiles appear in Google Results with Rich Snippet

  1. I have two profiles? That’s just greedy. I only saw one when I searched… *Goes to find other profile & update it*

  2. I’ve been advocating the use of Google Profiles for my small business clients. Many of these people don’t appear at all when you Google their names so it’s good to have something there which then lets them link back to their websites and social media profiles.

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