I noticed Google has recently upgraded the Google Profiles design layout, just a little tidy up at the moment. However they’ve done this redesign on a different domain to your old profile.

So my old profile is at http://www.google.com/profiles/johnpcampbell1985 with my new profile over at https://profiles.google.com/johnpcampbell1985/about


Currently 246 pages have been indexed on the new profiles subdomain with 4,210,000 profiles indexed in the old version.

Not a major problem as a quick 301 will sort everything out. But, if Google  are going to use your Google profile as the hub page to set up social search (which had a update recently) they need to start taking more care.  Imagine if Facebook or Twitter suddenly moved everyones profiles to another domain and kept old profiles live.

Without users linking their  social accounts to their Google accounts social search will never take off, unless they buy the data somehow…

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