From around 10:00am GMT yesterday the Google Keyword Tool seems to be no longer outputting monthly data. Great for looking at seasonality of search data you would download a csv with a monthly search figure. E.g.

From that data you can graph easily to see when search volumes are to peak, allowing you to link build ready for the key months. You can see this data in Google insights but you won’t be able to download into a csv from Google insights.

Over at the adwords forum there’s a few posts discussing the issues and and

Anyone else not getting any monthly data? Anyone else use this data often for search campaigns?

2 thoughts on “Google Keyword Tool No Longer Outputting Monthly Date

  1. Keyword tools that use their API are working fine (well, ours is) and still retrieve historical monthly search volume figures for each keyword match type.

    I reckon the web service is putting too much strain on their servers so they have locked it down to only API usage and restricting monthly search volume data is the best way to get people to start using the API.

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