It seems more and more tv commercials are now using the “Search for……” rather than giving out websites address. The latest is the 3D movie from Dreamwork’s Monsters Vs Aliens, I went to see the movie yesterday and have to say it was really good, especially with the 3D glasses.

Anyway, the TV advert this afternoon promoting the movie this afternoon ask the viewer to search for “MVA” which is quite precise. It’s working according to the stats from Google insight with a recent surge in traffic.


Amazingly this is the SERP you see searching for MVA.


So you get one PPC advert about the Monsters Vs Alien’s movie and the top organic spot is taken by Nothing in the top ten is related to the movie. This type of campaign must be costing a fair amount of money for Dreamworks and maybe bringing a fair amount of traffic to

3 thoughts on “Go search for …. mva

  1. Hi adam

    just read your post, good points made, just amazed that such big companies manage to run campaigns incorrectly.

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