You might have read this morning Google ran another test with Google Instant Preview running on PPC ads, see Also it seems that Google have upgraded the bot taking the preview snapshots to execute flash.

In a post a while ago I took a screen shot of Fiat’s home page instant preview.

Today we see the preview shows the home page of the site loaded.

The Samsung page also loads up which is rich in flash.

However, some pages with flash will not execute and still have the grey jigsaw peice e.g. Anyone know the difference, how it’s encoded? the version??

Even with flash being executed you still face the problem of when the screen shot is being taken, for example a page on the official pokemon (strange example to use) website the screenshot was taken straightway before the counter loaded up to 100%.

So points to take away.

  1. Flash is being executed by the preview bot
  2. Not all types of flash is being executed — more to come on that.
  3. Make the opening frame the flash include your product, not just number or bar saying loading.