On Friday it was the #MancSEO Mini Conference at the Hive Building in the Northern Quater. A free event thanks to sponsorship from the Eword and Manual Link Building organised by Pete Young. Four speakers in total all with some interesting views and data to share.

There’s a few blog posts with reviews of the presentations on other blogs so I’m not going to write another one. Drinks after at The Warlus bar were free for a bit thanks to the Eword. Overall a great afternoon and evening!

Another day and another new product from Google launched. This change had been on the cards for some time, as long as six months ago screen shots of “the map on the right” have been posted on various SEO blogs.

Surveying some results I’ve noticed problems with the results on certain key phrases. For example

Hotels in Blackpool” returned some affiliate sites one being www.blackpoolhotels.com. Here’s the old listing with that site ranking at position 3.

In the new listings with Google Place Search live, Google have taken the listing for www.blackpoolhotels.com and added to the map – Map Icon B

For the average user, they would assume that the maps points are different hotels located in Blackpool. You wouldn’t want to stay at the hotel at Map Icon B, it’s at the end of the runway at Blackpool Airport.

It looks like Google have done this due to www.blackpoolhotel.com listing their address in the footer of everypage.

This problem could happen for directory sites, affiliates for any type of local business, bloggers, etc anyone who had a physical address on the page and end up with some very confused people turning up at affiliates houses.

Paul over at the Dave Naylor blog noted a similar problem with Late Rooms, who’s head office is in Manchester. Google is using that as the hotel location.

Here’s a neat solution to find the Page Rank score for multiple domains / pages. Using Google docs you can use an addon script to pull out page rank. Made by dr.nailz all you do is reference the cell that contains the domain


The iferror just displays a N/A if there is no returned result.

Just head over to this public spreadsheet to try it out

>> Multiple Domain Page Rank Checking Tool >>