Another strange result from Google with the Wikipedia result for Sherlock Holmes (currently on at the cinema).

The listing has a address which expands to a map centering on Matt Barker Road in Kentucky USA. That should be centred on 221B Baker Street, London, UK.

sherlock holmes Kentucky

Google grabs thats data from the Wikipedia page.

As long as Google continues to use user generated content they’ll continue to produce poor results.

I’ve blogged about problems with Google maps with see tickets spamming. This morning I found another strange result on a map search for “Blackpool Pleasure Beach”, next to Blackpool Pleasure beach is Lightwater Valley, which isn’t in Blackpool.

blackpool pleasure beach-light water valley

How do that get there? Easy.

Click on more information on the map pop up and under the user content section there is a custom map by Srab. Remember you can make a custom map on anything and position anything anywhere.


Go to his map and you’ll see that he’s put Lightwater Valley in Blackpool, it’s actually near to Ripon in Yorkshire.

blackpool pleasure beach-light water valley custom

Nothing major but it’s a little dangerous for Google to be using custom map data in a product people use to get directions from A to B.

PHP Weby is a Free Directory script that can create a SEO friendly directory for you. It’s prety SEO friendly but it does lack an XML sitemap generator. So I’ve brushed off some PHP skills last used a few years ago and I’ve made a script that generates an XML sitemap for PHP Weby Directory.

All you need to do is add in your database details, the URL of the site and upload the php file. This then generates sitemap which you can then submit to Google and reference in your robots.txt.

For instruction and to download the file follow the link

PHP Weby Directory XML Sitemap Generator