Tracking conversions on a site is essential, most of the time you track on the completion of forms on the “thank you” page. Some sites have mailto links which open up blank e-mails, so how do you track clicks on such links?

Well take your standard link

E-mail John

Then add in the JavaScript tracking and ?subject=E-mail John to set a subject for the message (not essential but see later on).

E-mail John

That page view “mailto/john” will start to appear as a page view on the top content section on Google Analytics


Next add that into a goal.


So at the end of the month you’ll be able to get a total of times the link has been clicked. Then check your inbox / ask the client how many e-mails they have received with the subject specified in the mailto link, in the example “E-mail John”. You then have the data work out of the conversion of clicks to e-mails received. E.g. 100 clicks 60 e-mails = 60% conversion.

If the conversion is low then you might want to change the link to go to a contact form, often people are more likely to fill out forms and some users won’t have their e-mail set up on Outlook which opens on the click of mailto links.

Recently I’ve been advising about best practice in the layout and design of Ecommerce Websites. SEO goes hand in hand with layout and design. A good design should result in easy and good SEO.

Here are four layouts in my opinion that make for a good layout for ecommerce sites. The structure works best for site with not too many products around 50-400 products.

Home Page / Static Pages




Product Lists


Product Page


For a more detailed look see this pdf.

Search Engine Rankings move, they move a lot and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it but keep on the track of building content and links which should reduce the movement.

How much can they move? Well in the matter of 12 hours my Blackpool FC blog move from 3 to 9 on the first page for the key phrase “blackpool fc“.

So happy happy, joy joy with a number three ranking, the official club site takes up number 1 and 2 spot so no room for improvement. That was about 11 last night.


This morning at 11, whammy all the way down to 9 on the bottom of the first page. I’m signed out of my Google account which can skew the results.


It’s great to see in the past two weeks channel four have updated their catch up service from using windows DRM to using flash. Which means it now works on my mac which is great. Channel four being the nice fellows that they are even have a intro video saying sorry for the on demand service being delayed for mac users.

4od on mac

All I need now is Chrome, this year maybe?