One of the minor problems with WordPress from an SEO point of view is the set up of the H1 and H2 tags on individual blog pages.

On individual pages the title of your blog post will be in a H2 tag. Really you want your title of your post to be in a H1 tag. To add to that your theme may also contain a blog title in a H1 in the header, which means duplicated H1 tags on individual pages.


Something like this isn’t going to cause a detrimental effect to your sites progress in the rankings, but having your title in a H1 tag may help you rank slightly higher in the search engine result pages.

So whats the change?

Step 1 – Make the blog title only a H1 on the home page.

Some people have recommended pasting the header.php into the home page of the site, index.php (sometimes home.php depending on your theme). You then edit the header.php for the inner pages making the blog title H1 a span (plain text). Then edit the code added to index.php for the home page, keeping the blog title as a H1. This method means that you have two headers, meaning double editing for the future.

A cleaner method is to keep the architecture and have a conditional check.

If home page
H1 blog title
Span blog title

Replace the code from the header.php with something like this.


Just style the span up the same as the H1

Step 2 – Change the post title on the individual pages from a H2 to a H1

The code in the single.php is change from

Change blog title and post title tags in WordPress

To this;

Change blog title and post title tags in WordPress

Thats it, now you’ll have have slight stronger WordPress Blog with a blog title only in a H1 on the home page and post titles on individual pages in H1’s.

If you’ve seen another way post it in the comments below.