flavors.me is a site I came across the other day. The concept is pretty simple, it’s a centralised page where you can pull together your online content. From twitter, flickr, rss, facebook it’s all pulled into one page which you create in around 5 minutes.

You can upgrade for $20 to get stats and use your own custom domain.


Head over to my http://flavors.me/johnpcampbell1985 to check out my page.

flavors.me could be useful for a centralised page for a brand wanting to link to their various activity online.

Google Squared has launched this evening in the UK and after a little play there are a few ideas popping inside my head for quick ways to grab data for link baiting ideas.


For example if you have a football website you can write an article looking at football stadiums ordering by capacity, cost, pitch, size.


Having all this data on screen so quickly means you can start to write an article along the lines of “the 10 biggest… “the most expensive… etc. This is nothing new but it can speed up the process of gathering data for such articles.

Google Squared is still in it’s early stages and some of the data given isn’t correct, it would also be good to see the ability to export to csv / excel and also order the data by a certain field.

Head over to Google Squared and have a go.

Recently I’ve been advising about best practice in the layout and design of Ecommerce Websites. SEO goes hand in hand with layout and design. A good design should result in easy and good SEO.

Here are four layouts in my opinion that make for a good layout for ecommerce sites. The structure works best for site with not too many products around 50-400 products.

Home Page / Static Pages




Product Lists


Product Page


For a more detailed look see this pdf.

It’s great to see in the past two weeks channel four have updated their catch up service from using windows DRM to using flash. Which means it now works on my mac which is great. Channel four being the nice fellows that they are even have a intro video saying sorry for the on demand service being delayed for mac users.

4od on mac

All I need now is Chrome, this year maybe?

I’ve added a plugin today to reward commentators on the blog. After five comments the nofollow link is removed from the link back to their site. Many sites have adopted this policy as it also means you can select which commentators to keep the nofollow on their links in the admin section of wordpress, thus giving your editorial control over the use of nofollow.

The plug in i’ve used called Lucia‚Äôs Linky Love.

Loving Spotify still but no new doves album but the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album is on there. A great site has been launched in the past few months by Kieron Donoghue called www.sharemyplaylists.com.

share my playlists spotify

The site works like many other of the Spotify playlists sites, you see a play list you like, click the link and hey preston the playlist is loaded up into Spotify. What makes this site slightly different, apart from the nice layout is the rating, comments and most importantly the quality of the playlists, plenty of decent indie and britpop stuff!

Head over to www.sharemyplaylists.com remember you’ll need to download spotify and have a good taste in music!

I think the Google street view car may be following me, after the spotting the other day I passed the van today on the A34 coming into Manchester from Cheshire.

I can’t wait now for the pictures to be released, looking forward to looking all the old houses I’ve lived in. Football grounds, city centers and most importantly the prom at Blackpool where I’m from. I wonder if the Google car when through at night when the the illumination were on?


I had the pleasure of seeing the Google Street View car today driving up to Manchester today through Poynton today. I was out getting lunch as the Opel car drove past I’m guessing taking pictures as it went along.

If you’ve not seen Street View from Google before then check some of the views out. The basic concept is that the Google car drives down the street, taking photos and then the photos are stitched together to create a panoramic image.

As the car went past on the corner of London Road and Queensway I started to wave an pull faces from my car, we’ll have to see if the moment was captured by the Google Car when the maps are released in the next few months