Back in the office for the new year and I noticed a new name advertising on the term “SEO” – BT.


There’s been a few posts recently about how you get what you pay for with SEO services, so it doesn’t look great for BT’s new SEO service know as SearchSmart which starts at a chirpy £74.99 a month. There’s a £100 set up fee and also a minimum 3 month contract.

For £74.99 I’m guessing that the key phrases selected are long tail and local.

It sounds pretty much an automated service (bar the audit doc) with tight control on any phone conversations with a consultant. If you need extra consultancy time it’s £100 an hour, a little expensive for the UK, with Los Angeles Social Media Agency you will have the management of each marketing boost possibility.

It’s hard to judge the service, so far they have only got one testimonial Brand X PR who haven’t implemented the work and guessing haven’t had any link building as they have no links according to YSE. But a quick check on the BT site and they don’t rank for their own content.


So they have a duplicate domain “” which is strangely owned by “Scott Sargeant” who works for the Latitude Group.

In conclusion is BT SearchSmart Any Good? Well it’s seems it’s just SEO by Latitude.. If your going to resell at least do a good job of separating ties from the company who are going to do

EDIT – Article from SEOCO about this too

10 thoughts on “BT Offering SEO – BT SearchSmart Any Good?

  1. I spoke to a company who signed up for this package about five months ago, and i gave my reservations about the results at the time.

    I spoke to her last week and she said she hadn’t noticed any movement at all.. and yes it was long-tail local keywords. Not a great start.

  2. I mystery shopped these guys as soon as they started doing PPC for the term “SEO”. The results were shocking, the operative had to go and check what ‘SEO” actually stood for and then said it was “search engine optimiser”. Needless to say she had no idea what SEO entailed. There was no mention of Latitude as well, have they always done this for BT?

    This service looks like it is born out of frustration at SEO companies taking all the business away from BT as so few businesses now (quite understandably) use traditional local advertising such as the yellow pages etc. You rightly point to the price as revealing the quality of the service, £100 set up fee? That seems way to cheap. Given that SEO is highly profitable, just what do they think they can offer for this much money. I think they are exploiting their brand to sell something they have no idea how to implement.

  3. having moved from a large company who employed an seo agency, to a much smaller company who didn’t have the budget, I made the decision to go with this new BT service. I went for the 349 a month option – thinking that for a grand over three months, i’d get a decent number of quality links and some keyword tracking (which we can’t currently do in-house).

    have to admit, it was a waste of time – its been three months and I’m cancelling – the lack of contact/reporting is atrocious and Barry is right – the staff are no experts!

    can’t believe i was gullable to fall for it to be honest! have made far better improvements to our site/rankings etc using experience learned from my previous seo company than bt have managed!

    lesson learned!

  4. i was called by BT customer st in december 09. after a 90 minute phone call i agreed to pay a £353 setup fee and £82 per month for what i thought was SEO for my personal website. obviously what i got was something very different. i tried canceling the contract as soon as i realised but without success. i then sent a letter stating they were in breach of contract and gave them 14 days to rectify the situation. they were unwilling to do this so i made a claim against them in court.
    their legal team have sent me a document outlining the defense against my claims. one point i raised was that there are many other people in the same position as myself who have been mis-sold a service by BT Customer St. their response was that they have no knowledge of this and i have no evidence to suggest so. i included links to several of the many webpages where people have complained about them, however this does not seem to be substantial enough. if anyone would be willing to briefly outline their complaint and send it to me i would be very grateful. maybe we can finally expose this company for how they have exploited many small businesses and get some justice.
    please send your replies to

  5. I signed up for bt smartseach and was on a package of nearly £800 per month. They were claiming I was getting so many thousand hits to my site. having my own web servers logs I had a look to see how many actual hits i was getting. far from the amount of hits they said I was getting. they were also offering seo optimisation. I have a good knowledge of this myself but didn’t have the time to do it so I thought id pay someone else to do it. as you know there are many seo scams so I though choosing a big company like bt I wouldn’t be ripped off. they were sending me statistics from majestic seo saying how many back links they have made to my site. Most of the back links were caused by Google ad-words and not genuine links. These back links, the ones which were actually real were from many (identical) articles etc. submitted via black-hat seo tactics. most probably posted by automated bot. This could have probably damaged my sites rep on Google if they had continued. They never even touched my website whatsoever in regards to changing words improving keywords etc.. How can you improve keywords without even editing a website? The Google ad-words campaigns they were running were targeting towards customers for products I didn’t even have. I have better results in ad-words campaigns doing them at home in my spare time. Contacted them on numerous occasions to change the targeting and the keywords to no avail. Currently considering court action to recover my wasted money. does anyone know of a group or solicitor etc. who could help me recover my money? With all the money Bt have scammed they could probably pay a good solicitor to get them off the hook!

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