Following the release of Google Street View in the UK I’ve been roaming around Manchester the City I live in. At the moment street view hasn’t been released in South Manchester where I live but the city center down to Fallowfield is mapped and here my top drinking venues in the mapped area.

1. Jabez Clegg


2. Sinclairs


3. Trof Fallowfield


4. tv21s


5. The Old Monkey


2 thoughts on “5 Favourite Pubs In Manchester Via Street View

  1. Trof won the best ‘breakfast in the NW’ from The Guardian for the third year running the other week.

    Gotta say I’m missing the cheap trof beer and cider

  2. it is good but the waiting time is a problem, 45 mins for three royal breakies a few saturday’s ago wasn’t a great experience.

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